Sunday, 1 September 2013

Painting in oils

A Croatian scene

Nearly Ready for our Trip To Umbria

A week to go before we leave for our trip to Umbria. Everyone is quite excited and messages are flying between group members with last minute ideas,questions,thoughts on what to pack and what to leave behind .I have re packed my watercolours three times ,discarding to cut down on weight.I am now taking a larger case as well as a back pack which has wheels. My art gear is being packed in my suit case,including a light weight stool and pochade box plus a tripod to which the box will attach.Our tutor,Trevor Newman is preparing and modifying our easels so that they can be used for all mediums.After attending a wonderful and inspiring workshop by Colley Whisson recently I have decided to try oils too.Because of all the restrictions when flying with oil paints and mediums we have arranged to buy our paints and mediums in a nearby town to where we are staying.I have packed oil brushes and pieces of canvas all cut to various sizes...not too big.
I finally decided to take my pans of watercolour and two pads of paper,300gmArches medium and rough.,plus a few tubes of paint to top up most used colours if need be.I am going to be working with a restricted palette of colours too.
Once we are settled into where we are staying my art gear will be transferred into my backpack  with whatever I decide to use on a particular day.We plan to have some visits to nearby towns to take photos and to sketch so I have packed my sketching gear separately.I have bought different sized pencil cases into which I have packed and sorted my things.
I must remember sunblock and a hat too.
I have a long list of things to take and do and I am ticking them off as I go.
Six more days.