Monday, 16 December 2013

Roses and poppies

I was given some beautiful roses yesterday by my daughter in law Sue.
Today I have been trying to capture their beauty in a  less structured freer way using a lot of water and lost and found edges . Some  I think were successful.You be the judge.
I have posted a few recent flower paintings which are over worked.Hope fully I will learn to be less controlled as I paint on.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Lesson Learned

I found out rather quickly while overseas that to travel lightly is so important.
I had read and heard this so often but did not follow these wise words.I thought I would be able to manage oils and watercolours so took both mediums plus an easel and all the paints,papers and canvases that I thought I would use.My oil painting lasted one day only!While out in a field on a very windy,wet day ,my easel,palette and painting blew over,not once,but five times!!!I had weighted it down with rocks but to no avail.After the fifth time ,after grabbing all my gear and heading for a nearby shed to get out of the rain ,I made a more oil painting on this trip ! Out came the watercolours and another lesson was learnt.I had taken a very comprehensive palette with about 30 different colours...quite unnecessary and even annoying as the block palette did not have much room for mixing and one colour was running into another creating mud.  After discarding a lot of shades of colours I coped much better.I did not use my easel again but sat on the lightweight stool I had taken (one thing I got right) with my water container on the ground or a rock or whatever and my small block watercolour pads and a few brushes and felt more in control.
I have some wonderful memories of my visit to Umbria.The scenery was beautiful,the little walled towns fascinating to walk through,the people so charming and friendly and the food!!! I managed to eat truffles,porcini mushrooms,and Porchetta for the first time.I have tried to make bruschetta like we were given there and I think I am getting closer to the way it tasted.
My case was too heavy but I will know next time !!!

Back from Umbria


Across the fields

It is about time!

Here are some of my latest quick sketches from Umbria and Rome.