Friday, 14 February 2014

I leave for New Zealand on March14.Three of my friends are going too .We are participating in a week of watercolour painting with Ev Hales ,an artist from Victoria who conducts Plein air painting trips in various parts of the world.Several of my friends have done repeated trips with Ev and highly recommend her and I am keen to participate and learn how to do quick sketches and paintings.Ev has produced several E books which I have bought from Amazon and these are very skillfully written.I intend to take my IPad so that I can refer to them if I want to.
At Ev's suggestion I bought various qualities and quantities of watercolour paper which I took to Office Works and had cut and spiral bound into different sized books which I will take.She has clearly stated the necessity of travelling light  with a minimum of gear and I am determined to do that this time.
Yesterday I spent some time trying out one of the spiral books on differing papers.As we will just be gathering information and not completing "real"paintings I imagine we will be working quickly so that should be a challenge.

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