Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It has been a long time

After struggling for months trying to get back on my Blog ,today I made an appointment with Apple in the city and spent nearly 40 minutes with a very competent young man who somehow got rid of many of the passwords I had used before when attempting to open my Blog.I now have a new one and can actually start writing again.I just hope it will work for me so that I can download my latest paintings and thoughts.My last input was just before I went to New Zealand with Ev Hales and a group of about 12 artists .

New Zealand   Flying into Queenstown was a spectacular sight with high ice and snow topped mountains and rivers and valleys below .The air trip was quick and not at all tiring.We were soon through customs and on our way in a mini bus to the Novotel Hotel where we spent the next week or so.I travelled with a friend ,Lesley,and caught up with two other friends soon after arrival.Before long we were introduced to the rest of the group at the introductory dinner.They were a keen and friendly lot of people,both men and women.Ev spoke to us about the programme she had planned and how each day would progress.It was such a well planned and organised workshop with us travelling by bus most days to some wonderful destinations.The  drivers ,a husband and wife team ,were wonderful.They arrived on time,as did our group and provided us with morning tea ,coffee and eats each day.We went to places where it was possible to purchase    drinks and food when we stayed all day.The scenery was amazing.We all took photos,sketched and painted while Ev demonstrated and moved among us as we worked.Every evening we had access to a room at the hotel and the nearby Uni where we were able to discuss and share our efforts.Ev 's planning and preparedness made the trip a very happy and successful one and one which many participants want to repeat with such a skilled and sharing person.


  1. Well done Barbara. Now...print off password in big letters, and hang above your computer. I expect to see many photos of art works posted here to show us what you completed whilst swearing at your computer.

    1. Thanks Ute.You know me so well! I took my book with all the various passwords written in it and my young helper went through them one by one trying to work out the correct one