Sunday, 4 January 2015

A New Year has Arrived!

Christmas and New Year are over again.
It was wonderful having the whole family here on Christmas Eve after the Vigil Mass.
To witness the young children opening their presents is always so lovely to watch and hear as they comment on what they have just received from grandparents ,aunts ,uncles and cousins.Lots of photos are always taken of course and will be kept for future reference.My present was an art voucher for one hundred dollars from Kris Kringle.So thoughtful and knowing. !
How to spend that money wisely is my immediate thought.I think it will be used for more watercolour paper.
I know I was determined to conquer how to use hot press paper but I am still finding this difficult and I have been using the backs of old cold press rough which I am loving as the granulation is wonderful.What should I paint ?
I keep returning to flowers despite telling myself to try something different.I have tried to work loosely but haven't been happy with the results.I will go on trying !Yesterday I tried a couple of landscapes using colour schemes I don't usually use.While over at Pt.Fairy I saw a lonely two storied house with some windswept trees so I put this house in my landscapes.It was fun experimenting.
I want to have a few more attempts at the reflections I saw where the boats are moored.I did enjoy sketching with a black pen over the top of the splodged paint too so I really have lots of choices.Back to the drawing board !!

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