Monday, 15 August 2016

A Year Later

A lot has happened since I last posted my Blog.
My husband had a bad fall on our staircase and broke his ankle and foot which required hospitalisation,followed by three months in respite then weeks in rehab.He finally came home ,promising me he would always use the stair lift in future.It has been a long year with continual trips to specialists,physios and now a Diabetic counsellor.He strives on daily doing his exercises ,riding his static bike which our children gave him and eating the correct food .
Meanwhile I have tried to paint in between visits to hospitals,respite centres and even got the house painted out in case we had to sell.I managed to declutter quite a bit too,giving away furniture ,books etc.We have to cater for five walkers in various rooms of the house and outside in the Japanese garden as well as in the garage which has two steps down into it.Another is in the boot of the car.
I have been experimenting using graphite,watercolour pencils,crayons and various types of paper.Fun.Some pieces are more successful than others.
I have been inspired by my visit to Japan in May to see my daughter Julia...and hope to do more Scenes from there at some stage.I love the work of Shirley Trevena too and have been trying to compose paintings and work using her methods.Not easy to say the least.But,I will go on trying.
I have also been trying to use more water in my watercolour paintings.
If only I had more time.

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