Monday, 13 May 2013

Thoughts of Umbria

I am currently recovering from shoulder surgery and consequently am not allowed to paint.With my arm in a sling and not being allowed to drive either I am becoming very bored and frustrated.I am so grateful for the internet as I have been able to follow some previously unheard of <by me>artists on their blogs.It is amazing ! I have only recently purchased an Ipad  and of course I am still trying to find my way around it.I wait for my grandchildren to visit to find out what I have to press to go further in my search for information.Some wonderful friends have provided sites as well.
I am planning to go to Umbria with a painting group in September and am eagerly awaiting this event.It is to be plein air and using oils which I haven't used for years....very challenging I think.Luckily I hope to attend a couple of oil workshops before then...provided my right arm and shoulder are recovered.John Lacey in June and Colley Whisson in August.

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