Monday, 20 May 2013

Thoughts of Umbria .

I have spent the past week reading some fascinating articles about Umbria ,the beautiful countryside ,the many small towns,its ancient churches,art works,buildings,the people living there,the traditional food and wines and so much more.
I have been corresponding with some of the artists who are also going on the planned art tour.What fun to share their discoveries too and to express our thoughts about where we might go and what we might do.Of course painting en pleinair is our main aim but there are so many decisions to be made before we go.
I have been reading up on other artists who have written about travelling overseas to paint,what to pack and more importantly what to leave behind.Taking oils overseas by plane caused a problem for one of my friends a few years ago....they were seized by one of the airline companies.An expensive incident.I believe now that as long as the paints have the required documentation from the makers to prove or state that they are safe it should be alright.Our tutor Trevor Newman is researching this for us.He is also working on a lightweight easel and pochade box which can be used for either oils or watercolour .We are of course anxious to see what he recommends.

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