Saturday, 27 September 2014

Flowers and More Flowers

Yesterday I went along to the Art Society where I paint with friends on Fridays.I had picked some geraniums,a couple of nasturtiums,an Australian native flower from the car park at the shopping centre,a few sweet peas and a variegated pink and white flower from a bush I passed on the way.I had also taken my watercolours,some ink ,pastels and oil crayons.I was prepared to try anything to make my paintings more exciting.My trolley was quite heavy heavy to drag along behind me.
I set up my table and got busy .I had placed my flowers in water in a jar on the table and for the next six hours I took the flowers out one by one and attempted to paint them.It is great being able to paint with friends as we help one another by suggesting where a painting might be improved or listen when someone says "stop,don't do anymore" .
We stop for lunch and the highlight of the day is to cross the road to a shop called Perryman's which has been there since I was a child and we buy something to eat.It is only a small bakery but there is always a line of people stretching out onto the footpath waiting to be served.The food is delicious.One of my friends remarked yesterday,"I have been waiting for this all the week".While we eat lunch we discuss a variety of subjects but usually art comes into the conversation.
By about 3 pm I had attempted to paint the character of each of my flowers but I had forgotten to use my pastels and crayons.I used a little ink in one of my paintings.
I had concentrated so hard all day without feeling tired but when it comes to pack up and clean up time the tiredness sets in.However last night some of us were involved in a combined exhibition called the "wet and dry " exhibition,where members of the Sth. Aust Watercolour Soc and the Pastel Soc of S.A. Could enter their after going home and getting ready we drove to Gallery M for the opening .It was a lovely night.The exhibition was really lovely,the speeches were great and we were able to meet up with lots of other artists.To top it off I sold a painting of a single rose!!
It was a really lovely day!

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