Friday, 12 September 2014

My photos

I love Fridays as this is the one day of the week when nothing interferes with Painting.I always wake early and leave with my art gear by around 8:30 .It is just a short walk over to the Adelaide Art Society so I find it easier to walk with a trolley rather than having to shift my car every two or three hours.A group of us meets regularly to paint and we all do whatever medium we prefer on the day,so it is quite likely to find   oils,acrylic,pastel ,watercolour, sketching or planning  being done.We are great friends,we meet socially,we celebrate special occasions,we sometimes go on painting get - a-ways and we support and help one another as we paint.
Today I decided to finish off a few watercolour paintings and as I did I pinned them to the wall where I photographed them with my iPhone .A short time ago I was looking at the pictures and I noticed that the photos I took today with my phone are so much clearer and true to the real colours than when I took some previously with my IPad.
Therefore I will put them on my Blog .

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