Saturday, 6 September 2014

Painting Watercolours

I have really been trying to improve my watercolour painting by practising constantly,reading articles,watching YouTube productions and discussing my concerns with friends.My main emphasis has been painting flowers while seeking to express them in a freer way.Using more water seems to me to be one of the many solutions.
Sometimes I toy with the idea of just dropping colour onto a sheet of paper ,spraying it,moving the paper carefully while watching where the paint goes.I have tried that,then let it dry and then worked back into the various colours with my pencil.
I have tried drawing out very sketchily where I want my flowers to go then put background colours in,let it dry completely,and worked each section carefully .
I will continue practising.
I love the freshness of watercolour and the beautiful effects that can be made when colours mingle on the paper.It is exciting and at the same time maddening  when it doesn't always work out.However,I keep telling myself"It is only a bit of  paper"

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